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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Denims for you...

Flo Rida, in his chart-topping single sang:

Shawty had them Apple Bottom Jeans (jeans)
Boots with the fur (with the fur)
The whole club was lookin' at her
She hit the floor (she hit the floor)
Next thing you know
Shawty got low low low low low low low low

Jeans/Denims are an eternal classic, much like a white shirt or a pair of black trousers. They have been around since the 17th Century and have come from Genoa in Italy or thought to be from Nimes in France and have been in various guises as workmen’s clothes to a sign of rebellion to mainstream clothing to fashion. It is always made of cotton with a twill weave.

Today most peoples closets have at least 1 pair of Jeans in there.

Lets talk about what Jeans best the best, based on body shapes.

The Inverted Triangle (or apple shape):

Typical characteristics include:

  • Shoulder width is higher than both you waist size and hip size.
  • You have slender and toned arms
  • You may have wide or/and fleshy shoulders
  • You have fabulous boobs and could be well-endowed.
  • You carry weight around your mid-section and chest
  • Your waistline is undefined or has little waist definition
  • Your hips may be narrow (similar to Inverted Triangle, but your midsection is fuller/wider)
  • You have great legs.
Try and find jeans that have medium-sized patches for pockets that are present on the fleshiest part of your bum. They help in creating fullness. Side pockets and cargo type pockets, help as well as they help in creating fullness at the hips too. Look for jeans that are washed at the thigh both front as well as the back. Having a slight flare at the ankles will give you a more hourglass look and ones which have a rear yoke at the waistband will accentuate your buttocks. Low wait jeans will give your waist some definition.

Famous Celebrities with an Inverted Triangle body shape:  Teri Hatcher, Gisele Bundchen, Cindy Crawford, Demi Moore.

Rectangle body shape:

Typical characteristics include:

  • Shoulder width is higher than both you waist size and hip size.
  • You are one of the lucky few who, when you put on weight, it gets evenly distributed across your body.
  • You do not have a clearly defined waist.
  • Your bust and hips are approximately the same width.
  • You also have a small butt and small bust.
Depending on your height and where it comes from (legs or torso), lower rises or high-waist jeans can also work for you. A lower-rise jean that sits closest to the hip's widest point will play up your figure and verticalize your torso. A high-waist denim will give the impression of longer legs and draw attention to your natural waist.
Flared (Bootcut) and wide-leg jeans are also options worth trying. Bootcut jeans balance out the hips to create more of an hourglass figure. Please ensure that the jeans are not baggy.
Jeans with detailing are a great option for Rectangular shapes. Again, pockets will help in creating fullness. Jeans that are washed on the thighs will help.

Famous Celebrities with a rectangle body shape:  Cameron Diaz, Sheryl Crow, Nicole Kidman.

Hour-Glass body shape:

Typical characteristics include:

  • Your full hip-line and your full bust-line are the same width
  • Your waist is very well defined
  • Your waist is at least 8 inches smaller than either your bust or your hips.
  • Well proportioned body.
  • Wide back and small waist.
The Hour-glass can pretty much wear any type of jeans there is in the market. Just be careful of the low waist so that you don’t expose yourself when you bend to pick something up. Skinny jeans if you are tall as they help in highlighting your gorgeous curves.
A midrise jean (the waistline sits mid-way towards the stomach) will fit you really snugly on your hips, creating lovely smooth lines.
If you struggle to find a pair that fit you properly on the waist, buy the pair that fit best on legs and hips and your tailor should be able to alter them for you.

Famous Celebrities with an Inverted Triangle body shape:  Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Riya Sen, Scarlett Johansson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Salma Hayek.

Remember that it is important to also have a measure of the vertical proportions that you have and not just the horizontal proportions.

For more details, click here or on the "Email Me" button on the right side of the screen to get in touch with me for further details on the shapes and proportions you have and I will be able to help you with any questions that you might have!

I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes.
- Yves Saint Laurent

Have fun!

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